Imagine 10k half marathon and walk Niverville Manitoba

Imagine Mental Health Matters

Imagine 10k Half Marathon and Walk
Niverville Manitoba
September 24th  2011  9:00am

The Imagine Run is more than a half marathon and walk.  “Imagine is a group of caring individuals who are committed to raising public awareness & erasing the Stigma surrounding Mental Health Issues & Suicide.”

Although our family at ColossoVision considers this a privilege to be a sponsor, we truly wish there was no need for such a run.   Yet, the realities of suicide where teens and youth are involved is supported by some very scary statistics.  According to the Canadian Childrens Rights Council, ” Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people after motor vehicle accidents”

When i was a teen I remember arriving for morning classes to find out one of the students at our high school attempted suicide.  Shock and disbelief was what a lot of us felt.  How can someone attempt such a final act?  Especially when this person was popular, in sports, came from a very stable family, and appeared to have everything they wanted.  In asking teachers if they knew why ,  we were told to not ask  as they would not discuss it.   Maybe we need to discuss this more! Bringing awareness to youth and teens that they are not alone and there are people who are prepared to listen and help.

We are a family first and business second.  Our family wishes to lend our support to Mona and Jeff in helping get the message out.

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