Mobile Screens

Plug and Play LED Mobile Technologies

The ” ColossoVision C10″

Mobile trailer mounted LED screens are quickly becoming the screen choice by event planners as they are simple to setup while delivering an exceptional picture quality.  Imagine an outdoor LED screen that can be setup in less than thirty minutes by one technician!

  • 9ft high x 16ft wide display
  • 10mm XVision Tiles
  • Rack Mounted LED Screen Processor which accepts – DVI, HDMI,SDI (HD), SDI (SD), VGA, Component and Composite Video signals.
  • 1 HD Blue Ray DVD playback units
  • Bulkhead configured to meet your event needs!
  • Screen which rotates 360 degrees on the Mast
  • Trim Height of 9ft
  • 20KVA Generator
  • System can run on generator or shore power
  • Setup time of 20 – 30 minutes. Once the setup is completed, you can begin to show your content immediately!


A partial list of events where the C10 was used.

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