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During an emergency it is very important to be able to communicate information and directions to those in attendance. Colossovision has been involved with several events where Communications visually , using our mobile screens, was very effective. Here is how emergency signage and messaging can be used.

  • A reminder to ask those in attendance to stay calm and safe.

  • Inform people about specific requirements

  • Instructional information

  • Keep people informed about status

  • Evacuation information

  • Traffic control and directions

  • Safety procedures to be undertaken during a crisis

  • Social media information

  • Emergency website information

  • Warn people who are hearing-impaired or even visual impaired (when you also add an audio warning).

At Colossovision we offer outdoor and indoor temporary emergency LED screen solutions. One of the most popular LED signs event planners love is ColossoVision's C10 Trailer mounted mobile screen. It is quick to deliver, fast for installation, and will accommodate interactive content. The inter-active content is actually controlled through our media server and or computer system. All information can be updated live and as required immediately so those who are in attendance are up-to-date and current. If the mobile video screen for some reason does not meet your requirements, Colossovision will build a video screen to suit your requirements.

The sign is highly visible day or night and will operate in all weather conditions. You can be assured that it will be seen.

I truly wish we had pictures of our screens in emergency situations. Unfortunately during emergencies pictures are the last thing our crew are thinking about. In addition to the pictures on this page, which shows the screen in action within large gatherings, please visit our mobile screens page at https://www.colossovision.ca/c10

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