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ColossoVision Story

Celebrating almost two decades in business, ColossoVision's brand has become a recognized trademark providing our clients with the guarantee they are teaming up with a trustworthy and experienced supplier.  ColossoVisions focus of client support, quality resources, and safety has inspired positive reviews across Canada, United States and Europe. 

ColossoVision works closely with event planners, festival & concert producers, broadcasters, audio / visual suppliers,  and other industry professionals World Wide.  ColossoVision is proud to field some of the highest quality technical, creative, and management  team in the industry.  Complimenting this talented team is  ColossoVision's investment into rental and staging resources which are manufactured and supported by  leaders in the entertainment and presentation industry.


One of the key successes of ColossoVision has been our focus  on video screens, video production, webcasting, and other video related solutions.  ColossoVision’s diversification and growth continues to be  focused within the Video Industry.  However, ColossoVision has recently added additional resources to support our clients needs.. Stages such as the  SL 100 and SL 260 manufactured by Stageline  have proven to be an excellent product for our clients events. In addition to the stages we now provide professional concert level sound system by Myers. 


ColossoVision has industry strategic partnerships where we can draw on their resources for our clients events. Where a client requires a turnkey solution ColossoVision has in-house project managers that can oversee an entire event. ColossoVision has done this very successfully putting together a professional team, which will work within the criteria , specifications and requirement of the client. 

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