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Tailgate Parties ColossoVision

Vancouver Canucks Playoffs small 2012__50  ColossoVisionThe countdown is on towards the beginning of the ‘tailgate’ season. What does this mean? Fans gathering before the game to cheer on their team, share stories, and enjoy each others company.

Create the ultimate tailgate experience with ColossoVisions Mobile LED screens. ColossoVisions LED screens are specifically designed to provide this ultimate experience as they are bright, high resolution, weatherproof, and ‘safe’ systems. One of the nice features is they setup and teardown quickly.   <C10 Specification PDF. >

As most festivities begin in the daylight hours it is important you have the right technology to deliver a crisp, colorful, and clear image in the harshest of sunlight conditions. By the time the game begins the sun is still up in most regions of Canada and the United States. Therefore blow up screens and projection doesn’t offer the same quality presentation as ColossoVision’s LED screens. Our LED screens are also safe in high winds, rain and other inclement weather conditions. They also outperform other display technologies when the weather is perfect.

The best way to compliment a tailgate BBQ and cold beverage is to add that final  ingredient! An LED screen from ColossoVision which will enhance the fans visual experience and put smiles on sponsors faces.

We’ve been asked how the screens can be used. Well, here’s but a few suggestions below.

  • Game highlights
  • Team promotions
  • Movies
  • Advertising and Sponsors
  • Games ( playstation or Xbox competitions )
  • Social media feeds
  • Live remotes
  • The uses are unlimited and only limited by the imagination.

ColossoVision has had the privilege of providing mobile screens to a number of NHL clubs for ‘Tailgate Parties’ and ‘Fan Zone’ celebrations. The pictures below are but a few examples of how our mobiles were used at various NHL team events. This includes the Ottawa Senators, Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, Winnipeg Jets and Edmonton Oilers.

ColossoVisions LED screens are also available and ideal for any level and type of sports. Call us today for more information on how ColossoVisions Mobile screens can put that sizzle into the festivities.

*** As a footnote, most of the pictures below are of our Barco B10 screen. We have recently converted all of our mobile screens over to high-definition compatible, XVision tiles, which we now proudly call the C10. With this conversion comes a larger screen of nearly 144 ft.².   If your event requires larger mobile screens, we have them! Just call us and let us know what you need.

Creative LED Screens for Events

Mokada 2 ColossoVisionCome to ColossoVision with the concept and we’ll help you design the creative wall for your event. A creative LED screen installation will enhance the visual look and will also immerse your audience into a unique visual experience.

At Colossovision we are instep with the evolution of led screens technologies and their integration into specialty shows and events. We even have a dedicated and professional team that will assist you from the design to delivery and execution stages.

ColossoVision’s Creative team will collaboratively work with you in all phases

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • CAD Drawings
  • Engineering documents
  • Safety factors and considerations
  • Renderings if required
  • Models and simulations
  • Delivery
  • Call us today at 1-855-869-5331 and begin your creative LED wall journey with us.

The pictures below are but a few examples from some of our events.


XVision / Barco / ST18

Kraft Celebration Tour – TSN

KraftCelebrationTour_logoColossoVision is thrilled to be chosen to provide our C10 Mobile LED screens for the Kraft Celebration Tour in August. Vicki Dupuis, CEO, says ” Its a privilege to be invited to this tour and our team is very much looking forward to working with TSN and the Kraft team ” .

The tour will encompass visiting ten communities nationwide who have put their names in to a draw which will be made on July 1st. At the time of this press release the cities have not been chosen. Watch TSN Sportscentre for the live announcement. More information can be found at http://www.kraftcelebrationtour.ca

ColossoVision will be providing two mobile C10 screens with the world leading XVision 10mm DIP tiles .

InfoZone Registration

InfoZone Subscribe to ColossoVisionNew Products and Services – Informative – Case Studies

ColossoVision aims to provide you with information which is relevant and of value to you and your business.

Please provide your consent below by registering for our monthly newsletter and periodic updates on new products, services, and case studies.

Whether you are an Event Planner, Festival or Concert Producer, Involved in special events, or associated within the events industry , information is ” gold “. ColossoVision has been sharing our experiences, knowledge and providing updates to our clients since 2006.   Sharing also includes feedback.  We listen and learn from our clients too!  We also believe feedback should be shared and will do so only with your permission.

 The events and presentation industry is evolving and changing rapidly.  All it takes is one minute of your time to fill out the registration form.  You will be kept updated on new developments and uses for mobile LED screens, Modular LED Screens, and Creative Designs.

ColossoVision considers this a privilege to keep in contact with you.  Your information will be kept confidential and will not shared it with anyone.

20th Anniversary of the Alberta Winter Games Opening Ceremonies

Alberta Winter Games 2014 Banff CanmoreThe 20th Anniversary of the Alberta Winter Games returned to Banff Alberta on February 7th , the location where it all began in 1976.

The Town of Banff and Town of Canmore worked collaboratively on the Alberta Winter Games, and from what I understand the Opening Ceremonies were well received by everyone.  “The buzz after the show was fantastic, and dubbed “the best ever” Alberta Winter Games opening ceremonies. It looked good, sounded good, and the crowds loved it”, said Martin Finnerty, Volunteer Technical Director of the Opening Ceremonies.  Also a hats off and congratulations to the entire Alberta Winter Games team and volunteers!

Over 2000 Athletes from 8 zones within Alberta filled Banff Avenue along with family , friends and spectators!

ColossoVision provided the following support

2 C10 Mobile screens : 9ft high x 16ft wide XVision LED screens
1 Boxx Wireless video package for the torch runner
1 Full live production support

Games Banff Canada ColossoVision

The “Colosso C10″ mobile LED screens are gaining in popularity as more event managers and producers have the opportunity to experience its incredible flexibility, high resolution, superior brightness, and mobility benefits.

ColossoVision would also like to recognize the great efforts and professionalism of PK Sound and Christie lights who we had the pleasure of working with.  Awesome sound and spectacular lighting. All of this delivered on time while facing extreme cold temperatures (-25C) in the morning during the setup, and then waiting for the stage which was up to six hours late.  The technology team showed diversity and determination on making this a memorable event for the young athletes and their families.  A huge thanks and recognition to Martin Finnerty who brought all elements together seamlessly.

ColossoVision appreciates and thanks Pam Doyle of  Pam Doyle Photo for the use of the pictures.

Office: 403-678-5507



C10 Mobile LED Screen unveiled at “Toronto Fashion Week”


Photo Courtesy of ” Toronto Fashion Week”

While the worlds top fashion designers unveil their creations at the “Toronto’s World Mastercard Fashion Week”, ColossoVision is proud to introduce it’s own creation, the “ColossoVision C10″ Mobile LED Screen.

The ” ColossoVision C10″ comes with the following.

  • 9ft high x 16ft wide display
  • 10mm XVision Tiles
  • Rack Mounted LED Screen Processor which accepts – DVI, HDMI,SDI (HD), SDI (SD), VGA, Component and Composite Video signals.
  • 2 x HD Blue Ray DVD playback units
  • Bulkhead configured to meet your event needs!
  • Screen rotates 360 degrees
  • Trim Height of 9ft
  • 20KVA Generator
  • System can run on generator or shore power
  • Setup time of 20 – 30 minutes.  Once the setup is completed, you can begin to show your content immediately!

Options available

  • Media Server ( Can play back video files and stills )
  • PK Sound Klarity 8, high performance, self-powered, 2-way multipurpose loudspeaker ( Made in Canada ! )
ColossoVision Toronto Fashion Show C10 Mobile LED Screen

“Live” production feed of the fashion show

ColossoVision chose the XVision 10mm tiles for its quality, durability, and reliability. Three more C10’s with XVision tiles will be built and available for January 2014! Two of them will be fitted with the new 6mm outdoor tiles.

Vice President of Operations , Christopher Soltesz, is in Toronto this week for this introduction, and welcomes an opportunity to meet with our clients in the area who wish to see the C10 . Please call Chris at 855-869-5331 ( Toll Free ) or direct to his cell at 403-869-5336 for a tour of the mobile. The C10 will be at Toronto’s Fashion Week till Saturday October 26th.

Tour of Alberta 2013 a Success!


The Tour of Alberta joins the ranks of other North American and European professional cycling races after a successful first year start. The caliber of this event was World Class in every sense.

” The pro-cycling event in Alberta, modeled after the classic road races such as the Tour de France & Giro D’Italia, has been a long-time dream for many Albertans” . ColossoVision is very proud to have been a part of this dream!

As mentioned in my last post, “ Tour of Alberta 2013 ” which was written near the end of August, ColossoVision provided two mobile screens, wireless / microwave video equipment, and other LED screen support technologies for the six day tour.   “It takes a special team to work a tour ” Says Vicki Dupuis , CEO of ColossoVision. Regardless of the discipline / supplier, the team must have discipline, punctuality, focus, and flexibility. When it comes to equipment, you must trust what you bring, have faith that it will perform every day of the event. In addition, being prepared for the unexpected and having the resources and solutions at hand for immediate resolution.

Cycling Demographics FYI’s

  • There are nearly 65 million active participants in cycling, making the sport larger than either golf, tennis, skiing or snowboarding
  • $5.3 billion is spent on bikes each year, outpacing spending on golf, tennis, ski and snowboard equipment combined

Tour of Alberta Pictures and Links

ColossoVision Facebook

Tour of Alberta Facebook Page

Yes Calgary, SantaVision.TV is a go for 2013

Calgary Zoolights ColossoVisionYes Calgary, there is a Santa, and SantaVision will be back at Calgary Zoolights on the big screen in 2013!

While the flood damaged Calgary Zoo reopened the northern section of the zoo in July, there was some question about future events. One of which included Calgary’s Zoolights in December.

ColossoVision’s concern during the flood, and in the rebuilding stage, has always been about the animals and knowing their welfare must come first. We were quite prepared for a scaled down version of Zoo Lights with the possibility of  postponing till 2014. But, that was not about to happen as the momentum to rebuild is strong!

All of us at ColossoVision are extremely proud of the incredible efforts of the Calgary Zoo Staff, contractors and volunteers. They have made it possible during the rebuilding process to keep Zoolights alive. The continuity of Zoolights in 2013 does not mean everything is back to normal! The rebuilding process will take years and a tremendous amount of financial support.

A super big thank you to RE/MAX Agents of Calgary & Area for their continued support while we awaited the direction this project took.

” This may be a busy Zoolights season with Calgarians and visitors coming out to support the Zoo in larger numbers ” says Vicki Dupuis.

Please help in the rebuilding process     http://www.calgaryzoo.com/support-us/help-us-rebuild

Participants of SantaVision have the chance to ask Santa questions, and see both him and themselves, on a larger than life ColossoVision ColossoTron screen. All visits with Santa are recorded and uploaded to the SantaVision TV website. From there, the fun can be shared with family and friends around the world!

** SantaVision.TV is a trademark of ColossoVision        ** ColossoTron is a trademark of ColossoVision

Tour of Alberta 2013

Tour of Alberta ColossoVision CyclistsA field of fifteen elite international cycling teams will converge in Alberta for the inaugural Tour of Alberta beginning September 2nd. ColossoVision will be accompanying the tour with two mobile LED screens and other display technologies covering nearly 900 Km and ten communities in seven days. The Tour of Alberta chose ColossoVision as their LED Screen Partner for our experience, and the mobility of the screens which can be moved around quickly from one location to another. LED Screen Mobility was a key display requirement as the screens need to be set up quickly when they arrive on site. Not only was the simplicity of the mobile required, but the quality of the Barco B10 LED screen which provides a high quality display! ColossoVision’s Barco B10 is the right solution for the dynamics of this type of event.

For more information on the Tour of Alberta , please visit http://tourofalberta.ca/site/

Tour of Alberta  ColossoVision

LED Technologies deployed for this event:

2 – Barco B10 Mobile Screens
2 – Boxx  Wireless Transmitters and Recivers
1 – Tricaster HD 850 for play back of media assets and integration with the telecast

ColossoVision invites our clients to visit the staging zones!  This is a great sporting and cycling event you will not want to miss.

Canadian Track and Field- Moncton 2013

Moncton 2013 Games - 078 colossovision

XVision 10mm DIP LED Screen. Clear bright hi resolution image!

Over 800 Athletes from across Canada converged on Moncton New Brunswick to compete in the 2013 Canadian Track and Field Championships. Over the four days of events, fans were treated to some exciting competitions. All of it seen on our large LED screen ,live , courtesy of Bell Aliant’s production team.

The Canadian Track and Field Championships were an opportunity for Moncton and New Brunswick to showcase the region and the cities new stadium . It was also an opportunity for ColossoVision to showcase our XVision 10mm DIP LED screen for what was our flagship project at our new Moncton operations.

ColossoVision has provided the screens and video support for the last two championships in Calgary, “ which garnered ColossoVision an invitation to do the same for this years event in Moncton”. Outdoor international and national sporting events are one of our areas of expertise. “ These are folks with tremendous experience” mentioned Doug Robertson , Chairman of the local organizing committee to the Times and Transcript Newspaper. The full article appears at


I would like to thank Stage Crew, who provided the labor support for the installation and removal of our screen. Their crew was a pleasure to work with!

Our family extends a special thank you and appreciation to the Moncton 2013 committee who invited us to be a part of this special event.

ColossoVision is proud to join and be a part of this regions network of professional suppliers in the event industry.

XVision 10mm DIP LED Screen.

XVision 10mm DIP LED Screen.


  • 150    Xvision 10mm DIP tiles –  Outdoor LED screen
  • 1        LED Scaler
  • 2        LED Processors
  • 1        Barco B10 for Downtown
  • 2        Tricaster HD 850
  • 2        Boxx Wireless Video microwave systems
  • 1        Time Warp Replay
  • 1        All motors / trusses / rigging
  • 1        Cabling
  • 2        AJA HDMI to SDI Interfaces


Pictures will be uploaded to Flikr

Article In Moncton News – TIMES & TRANSCRIPT

I would like to thank the Times & Transcript for a wonderful article about ColossoVision.   This article presented to our clients and readers as a courtesy of Cole Hobson and the Times and Transcript Moncton..


ColossoVision Moncton Track Field





























Fans who attend the Canadian Track and Field Championships from June 20-23 will be treated to non-stop action. They will also be able to keep up with all the on-field and on-track happenings with the help of a new display screen which is being billed as the best yet to be seen at Stade Moncton 2010 Stadium.

Calgary-based company ColossoVision has recently set up a Moncton office and has brought their XVision technology to town to help enhance the stadium experience for all visitors.

“These are folks with tremendous experience and they are promising us the biggest and the brightest screen we’ve seen yet in the stadium, so we’re pretty excited about that,” said Doug Robertson, chairman of the local organizing committee.

Andy Soltesz is the co-founder and president of ColossoVision, which in addition to Calgary and Moncton, also has offices in Vancouver, Regina, Winnipeg and Burlington, Ont.

The company has provided screens for many events since their inception in 2006, including the last two national championships in Calgary, which garnered them an invitation to do the same for this year’s event in Moncton.

Soltesz said they have been out east before on a previous tour with Much Music, but it’s their first time in Moncton.

Having fallen in love with the area, Soltesz said “it’s always been a dream” for he and his wife to have an office and a place to go on the East Coast.

The screen costs roughly $400,000 and is about 26 feet wide and 16 feet high. It travelled to Moncton from Montreal in multiple 20-by-20 inch snap-lock pieces and was installed Monday.

“It is bright, the resolution is high as well. We have been very successful with this screen at a lot of major events,” Soltesz said, noting the screen quality makes it possible to see definition, small print and textures. “At a lot of outdoor events the resolution quality is very important, as well as brightness too.”

Soltesz said it’s a lightweight product which is also easy to put up and safe, passing all applicable quality control tests.

“One of the things that we’re finding here in our industry is there’s a lot of off-shore products coming in … and it’s not safe,” he said. “Our product is rated to withstand heavy loads, lateral, vertical. We have documentation on all our stuff.”

ColossoVision employs local people in every region the company operates and Soltesz said it will be no different here in Moncton.

In addition to the large screen in the stadium, the company will also be providing a mobile screen that will be used as part of the Friday night shot put championships, entitled Shot in the Dark, taking place at Riverfront Park.

Soltesz said this won’t be their only event in the area, as they are “going to commit to Moncton and commit to the East Coast.”

He said they have had calls from the area for the last several years, but had been careful about their growth.

“We don’t want to overstep boundaries, we want to have good relationships with suppliers. We’re not walking in to take over, that’s not what we’re doing,” he said. “There is a market out there not just in Moncton but also into the States.”



Outdoor Daytime Projection – LED Screens or Projection

colossovision projection or LED screensIs ROI that important to an A/V company that potentially engaging the wrong piece of display equipment supersedes the clients best interests in deploying the right technology for their event ? After several similar calls in the last two weeks I decided to share this with others.  Once you finish reading this post you’ll see why I made the comment of ROI.

I received a phone call from an event planner asking for prices on LED screens for her clients event. Her call was interesting in that her client has a preferred A/V supplier. She felt uncomfortable with their recommendation of employing projection at an outdoor daytime event. So, she came to us to confirm if video projection is something that should be considered for an outdoor event during the day. I must give her kudos’ for taking the time, doing her homework, and having the professionalism to ask questions.

Here’s what she gave me for specs for the venue

  • 40ft wide x 80ft long tent
  • Tent material is white – single layer
  • lots of doors on the wall part with clear plastic windows
  • Presentation takes place at noon.
  • Screen size 25ft wide x 14ft high

In speaking with her she mentioned the A/V company promised her client a clear and bright display using a 20k lumen projector. In challenging the A/V company’s claim, she mentioned LED screens would be the best solution.  Instead of agreeing with her, they told her their projection would equal the quality and brightness to an LED wall. Wrong! Before I continue on, I want readers to know that ColossoVision rents high intensity projectors as well. Rented these puppies for years. Therefore this article isn’t about giving preference to LED screens over projection. It’s about selecting the right tool for the job.

There is a time and place for each of the technologies. In this case, outdoors in the daytime should be a huge flag for any A/V provider that projection is not the best solution.

The following is but a small sampling of the questions we ask.

  • Venue! Is it indoors or outdoors
  • Content to be displayed
  • Ambient Lighting Conditions – Can the ambient light ( spill ) be controlled?
  • Size of display
  • What real estate is available for the screen installation
  • What is the show and theme
  • Setup time / Strike time
  • Power
  • Budgets

Referring to the above screen which is 25ft wide and 14ft high, the total viewing area is 350 sq ft. …
Using the A/V companies 20,000 lumen projector, and assuming there is no light loss in optics, there would be 57.14 lumen per square foot of projected light intensity. How do we arrive at this figure?

20,000 lumen / 350 sq ft. = 57.14 lumen per square foot

I realize there are a number of screen surfaces such as glass beaded, rear projection, high gain, and others. For the sake of this example I’ll refer to flat white matte which is the norm at most events. Regardless of which type of screen is employed, ambient light is a reality and something to take into consideration when selecting a display.

A screen not only reflects the projected image, but the ambient light in the room as well. Thus, the A/V technician must take into account the value of the ambient light reflected off the screen and determine if the projectors intensity will have the required results the client will be happy with. To overcome the high ambient light levels, some companies will go as far as double stacking projectors to hopefully accomplish a higher gain on the screen.  Is this what you want for your client?

So , going back to the comment from the A/V company that they can provide an equal solution using projection is not correct.

Here’s the math and short explanation for those interested.

  • Projected image is based on units of measure – Lumens ( reflected light )
  • LED screens are based on the units of measure – NITS ( direct light )
  • 1 (one) NIT of direct light = 0.09290304 Lumens of reflected light
  • Screen image area in this post – 350 sq ft. ( screen size client wants for the show )
  • Average LED tile ( screen ) brightness – 5500 NITS resulting in 510.97 Lumens / sq ft using the formula above
  • Projector lumens that would be required, based on screen area, and resulting lumens / sq ft = 178,000 lumens

The results are clear!

The argument can be made that LED screens are not high enough in resolution and as such the content would be affected. True! However with the size of the screen in this example, LED is a strong contender as a solution which will deliver a true high resolution product.

Have a gander below at the two LED pixel pitches that will work

  • 6mm SMD – 2000 pixels wide x 1066 pixels high ( offers more pixels than HD 1080 )
  • 10mm SMD – 1200 pixels wide x 640 pixels high ( fall just a bit below HD 720 )

High intensity projectors were not developed for daytime use outdoors! They’re awesome at night when the sun has minimal to no effect on the screen. These projectors are also the solution for indoor events where stage lighting has the potential of affecting the projected product.

There are other factors in selecting the right technology. The one that will have the next immediate affect is budgets.  Having said this,  a 350 sq ft LED screen is no longer the huge expense it once was. You may be surprised by the time you spend the money on multiple projectors, darkening the room with blackout curtains and material, and the time to set this up, the dollar values begin to add up too. What is the costliest? Not achieving the results the client is looking for.

In closing, and going back to my comment of ROI. The event planner informed me the A/V company wouldn’t entertain LED as they had to use their existing inventory to make this happen. It wasn’t about providing the right solution, it was about moving their own product.

Roughstock Rumble meets the Best Stock in LED Screens

roughstock_calgary_colossovisionTwo days of rank stock and the worlds most talented rodeo riders in the industry perform live in Calgary on April 12th and 13th.  ColossoVision is pleased to be a part of the 1st Annual Calgary Roughstock Rumble where we are providing screens and live action coverage of the saddle bronc, bareback, and bull riding events.

ColossoVisions xVision LED screens will deliver the live action, replays, advertising, interviews and other content during the Rumble. Watch the closeups on our high resolution screens as the bull rider tests his nerves against 1700 lbs of  raw energy.

This is a family event full of thrills and yes some spills.

Calgary Stampede Corral

Tickets are available at Ticketmaster where you can purchase individual, VIP, and Family Passes.

ColossoVision provides high quality LED screens manufactured by leaders in the industry. No knock offs that are beginning to appear on the market!  Only the best as we invest in our clients by providing LED tiles that meet or surpass industry technical and safety standards.

Whistler hosts Luge World Championships


ColossoVision was excited and thrilled when awarded the opportunity to provide its LED screens and secondary infield production support for the Luge World Championships in Whistler BC.  “Our company has provided screens for the World Cup Luge since 2006 and has had the opportunity to watch the growth of the athletes into world class competitors.  Back in 2006, some of the Canadian competitors were forerunners and today they are competing with the best Luge athletes in the world!” says Andy Soltesz, President of ColossoVision.

In hosting this last World Championships before the Sochi 2014 games, Whistler wanted to “Spruce up the spectator area with some massive video screens”  giving spectators an opportunity to see the race from the start to the finish.

Part of the plan was to re-create the visual impact from the 2010 Vancouver games.   Here is what ColossoVision provided


Location of the Screens and infield production

1 –  VisuaLED ST118 screen      21ft x 11ft    Corner 16  –  Trim height 16 ft off ground
1 –  XVision 10mm DIP              21ft x 11ft    Finish Line
1 –  Barco B10 mobile                 9ft x 12ft     Bleacher area
1 –  Tricaster HD 850
3 –  LG 50″  TV’s and stands
1 –  Video distribution system
1 –  Live twitter feed for audience participation
1 –  Integration with the live television host broadcaster
1-   Assist in the creation of Sponsor, Supporter, and Supplier recognition slates

Vancouver crew led by Martin Jordanov


VisuaLED ST18 Screen at Corner 16


XVision 10mm at the finish line








ColossoVision would like to thank Luge Canada and the wonderful team we had the opportunity to work with at this event.  It is always a pleasure to work with a professional events team.

A week prior to this event, ColossoVision provided support to the World Jr. Luge competitions in Calgary.

ColossoVision is 100% Canadian and we are always proud to support our athletes!


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The Grande Prairie Stompede Selects ColossoVision

GP_Stompede_Logo_4c_Badge_colossovisionColossoVision is pleased to provide our services to the Grande Prairie Stompede Rodeo and Chuckwagon events in 2013.  Beginning May 29th and until June 2nd,  ColossoVision will provide live image magnification of the events infield, replays, advertising, webcasts,  and more!

The technologies chosen for this event are the xVision high resolution LED tiles along with ColossoVisions  HD production suite.   As we near the date of the Stompede, we’ll post the coordinates for the webcast!

We wish to thank the Grande Prairie Stompede Committee for the invitation to be their LED screen and live video production supplier.

xVision LED glitters at the “Wonderful Wedding Show”


The Wonderful Wedding Show at Winnipeg’s Convention Center was the setting where brides and grooms explored a diverse array of wedding resources available to them. With nearly 300 exhibitors spanning over approximately 100,000 square feet of convention facility, being seen and attracting prospects to a booth was very important.

Having been at and working a fair number of trade shows myself,  I know how important it is to have traffic at the booth.  The more visitors the greater the likelihood and potential of meeting someone who needs your services. Even a great booth location is no guarantee someone walking by will see you. Short of walking into the aisle  and becoming a carny barker, which most trade shows frown on,  a company must become creative.  How many times have you attended a trade show and got lost in conversation only to miss a whole section of booths?   When several hundred booths have similar designs, placards, banners, and televisions,  standing out in the crowd and appearing unique amongst others can be a challenge.  Why blend in when you can stand out from the crowd.

ColossoVision knows what we can do and accomplish at a technical tradeshow.  We wanted to go further and explore new areas.  So when an opportunity arose to work with Mokada Custom Jewellery Design at the Wonderful Wedding Show we couldn’t say no.

Having worked with Mona Stott and her wonderful Events team at the Niverville Fair, we knew this would be an awesome chance to try something new.

Being seen was not a concern, and attracting attention was easy with our LED display solution.   Key consideration for us is we wanted to make sure the LED screen design we installed would compliment the set and enhance the booths presence . Not overpower Mokada’s message or  brand.

Mona Stott, of Mokada,  was a lot of fun to work with as she knew what she wanted.  She gave our team a lot of latitude in creating the LED visual solution.

General specs for the Booth

  • 10ft x 10ft of space
  • Packaged presentation to be shown on one 50” TV
  • Live Design Demonstration to be shown on another 50” TV
  • Demonstration table
  • Product tables
  • LED screen as a backdrop

Any of us who have worked a trade-show know a 10ft x 10ft space is small. Adding the LED component was a concern at first for Mona and us as well, but the booth design used allowed for a clean install leaving lots of room for visitors to walk around.

Equipment ColossoVision Provided

  • 36 xVision 10mm Tiles
  • 36 Specialty Clamps
  • 6 Upright 12 “ truss and floor plates
  • 2 LG 50” TV’s
  • 2 Chrome Mobile Flat Panel Monitor Stands
  • Eye Candy background visuals specific to the services provided by Mokada
  • Software and hardware  to run the visual

Mona Stott reviewing jewelry designs with clients.
Photo courtesy of Mokada


ColossoVision would like to thank Mona Stott for the invitation to provide the LED screen.




LED Walls: Theatre’s Next Generation

Video Wizardry Revealed: A CITT Video Workshop
Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology.
Edmonton , Alberta


Mel Geary – Lighting Supervisor
Department of Drama University of Alberta

There is an LED screen explosion taking place in the electronic dance music industry as well as concerts these days.  In some shows the only purpose for the LED tiles are for eye candy. Stunning visuals which provide an incredible visual experience for the spectator.

ColossoVision was very pleased to be invited to the Alberta CITT workshop where we provided a demonstration and presentation to delegates from around the province. We were extremely pleased with the attendance and the interest, and would like to thank everyone who attended.

ColossoVision is excited our presentation had a positive effect. According to Adam Mitchell , Production and Facilities Manager , “ Being able to offer a session on LED wall technology made a huge impact on our event and all of the feedback that has come to me about your session, has been extremely positive. Your thorough approach to the “how and why” hit home with many of the participants who attended. It was also very cool to see those three screens hanging in the theatre.”

For this event ColossoVision demonstrated the following products from Theatrixx Technologies.

• 6mm x-Vision indoor SMD
• 10mm x-Vision outdoor DIP
• 18mm VisuaLED SMD

ColossoVisions xVision Screen Shines at the Alberta World Cup Cross Country 2012

ColossoVision  xVision 10mmIt’s late February 2012 when ColossoVision is approached by the Alberta World Cup Committee to provide a comprehensive solution for LED screens at the next World Cup event in Canmore.   After meetings, product demonstrations, and due diligence on the part of the committee , ColossoVision was selected to provide LED screens that would enhance the spectator experience during the FIS World Cup 2012 Cross Country Ski event.

One of the major enhancements sought by the committee for 2012 was engaging a high resolution LED screen which would be visible and intelligible at a minimum distance of 300 ft across the track. The solution, ColossoVisions new line of xVision 10mm DIP tiles configured into a 21ft wide x 11ft high LED wall.  The 10mm resolution using DIP technology was the ideal choice!  DIP offering a much brighter picture than SMD, and at a 10mm pixel pitch, the solution proved to be a welcome improvement over the screen supplied in 2011.

As we’re setting up the secondary production suite on the second floor of the day-lodge, I can recall Ken Hewitt walking in and telling us how pleased he was of the quality, brightness and resolution of the screen. He mentioned the response by the officials, coaches, athletes and others were very positive.

HD productions are now the norm at many of the international sporting events. With this comes huge changes and expectations in what spectators will see at a typical live event.  Graphics, scoring, results, and other content are smaller and there’s more of it!  It is very important to employ LED screen technologies that can keep up with the demands of the visual presentation at a venue. ColossoVision does this by investing into new technologies as we have with the xVision LED product line.  It was crystal clear to those we spoke to, that our screen outshone the previous years technologies used.  All of the text, graphics and content on the screen were easy to read and bright!

In addition to the xVision wide screen, ColossoVision also provide two additional displays.  The Barco B10’s were put to work providing scoring, results and other content for other areas within the venue.

Each screen at the venue had the ability to display the same content, and when needed, independent of each other.  What this meant was one screen could have the live races, the other two the scoring or results. Alternatively, all of the screens could show the live event and other content at the same time.  All of this was possible by using a matrix signal distribution system and media servers.

ColossoVision would like to thank the Alberta World Cup Committee for the privilege of providing our equipment and resources for the 2012 races.


  • 1     21ft wide x 11ft high xVision screen
  • 2    Barco B10 mobile screens     9ft high x 12ft wide
  • 1     Tricaster HD850  ( used as a matrix switcher and media server )
  • 1     Systems Scaffold for xVision screen
  • 2    Canon XLH1 cameras and fluid head tripods
  • 1     Wireless communications system
  • 1     5.0 Gig Boxx Wireless
  • 2    Mac book Pro computers
  • 3500 ft RG6 Digital cable   for SDI feeds


pictures at event



X-Vision LED Screens Now Available at ColossoVision

ColossoVision is pleased to announce the addition of X-Vision LED tiles from Theatrixx to our rental and sales inventory!

Click on picture to enlarge

“ We’re excited to provide this exceptional product to our clients for their indoor and outdoor display requirements “ says Andy Soltesz, Co-founder of ColossoVision. ColossoVision will have the X-Vision product available nationwide through it’s locations in Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Burlington.

The X-Vision LED tiles design are based on a list of requirements from LED rental houses like ours.  Also requirements from clients who are looking for a quality  permanent installation.    ColossoVision is pleased to offer the X-Vision LED tiles as they have a fast and safe rigging, interchangeability between modules regardless of pixel pitch, color consistency and fidelity, high brightness, easy field maintenance access, IP65 rating all-around, smart power and data connections, silent yet powerful cooling system, and much more.

In selecting LED display products, quality is obviously very important and foremost , but so is the service and support from the manufacturer.  Of which Theatrixx has more than demonstrated  they have exceptional service after we purchased our VisuLED ST18 tiles from them two years ago.

ColossoVision and Theatrixx will be holding a trade show in Calgary in mid November with the firm date to be confirmed in a week.   At this trade show we will be introducing the X-Vision LED tiles and some of the other products provided by Theatrixx and ColossoVision.  Invitations will be sent by email soon.  If you would like to be on the list please send us an email to led@colossovision.ca

X-Vision Product details 10mm version- Download PDF

3 Play 820 Slow Motion and Instant Replay – Now Available

3Play 820 is a heavy-hitting slow motion and instant replay solution designed to handle the most rigorous requirements in all of sports

  • Network-quality production in native HD
  • Massive 10-channel capability for covering all the angles
  • 2 fully independent playout channels
  • Switch camera angles during live playback
  • Multi-tiered fail-safe systems and redundant hardware
  • Multi-camera, ISO recording that keeps going round after round
  • Included control surface with premium T-bar, speed presets, and jog wheel

Big-game Domination
You’re prepared to catch every angle: Epic showdowns call for complete coverage. The 3Play 820 handles it all with eight simultaneous camera inputs. Each wired for synchronized, continuous recording. Two fully independent playout channels add new pages to your sports production playbook, whether you need to drive a giant video board, put out a feed for live broadcast, or both.

Show-Stopping Slow Motion
You give fans more of what they want to see: Enjoy network-style presentation with smooth, interpolated slow motion. Break down highlights or analyze pivotal moments, frame by frame, with incredible detail.

In-Game Highlights
You don’t have to wait to show the shining moments: No need to leave the system. Build highlight or sponsor blocks at breakneck speed for instant replay on command?during timeouts, or going into a break. Package the best plays, critical mistakes, and monumental moments together, and then add transitions and background sound for a strong finish.

Standalone and Switcher-Friendly
Your production isn’t an island, it’s an ecosystem: By itself, connected to your existing production setup, or teamed up with TriCaster over a local network, 3Play 820 plays well with others. Plug in 3Play to multiply the inputs of your switcher—and the overall excitement, or streamline your entire operation with the NewTek live sports combo and have a complete, integrated live production solution, using a fraction of the space?with unmatched mobility. “

Note: Pictures and documentation courtesy of Newtek.

TriCaster 855 Now Available at ColossoVision




“Right out of the box, TriCaster 855 is a complete, integrated solution for pros delivering big, live productions in native, full-resolution HD. With a fully loaded, 24-channel switcher, whopping eight-source ISO recording, and the world’s most powerful integrated effects system (can you say 3D?), your productions shine. The hardware control surface is a highly responsive console for hands-on navigation of the system UI, giving you another choice for driving your live productions. Plus, you get additional video, graphics, animations, and virtual sets to help you meet today’s viewer demands, in a highly competitive marketplace.

  • Volumes of customizable signature looks make each program distinct
  • Impressive effects with real-time cloth dynamics, warping video, overlays and sound
  • Higher-capacity media storage accommodates a high volume of project work
  • The flexibility to go from show, to show, to show, adding new camera angles along the way—up to eight, for the most sophisticated programs
  • Built-in live streaming at the push of a button
  • Access all sources and functions with an included hardware control surface
  • Stream, broadcast, project and record—all at the same time—so you can meet viewers wherever they watch, now or later “

IsoCorderTM technology in every system

Isolate the recording of multiple input and output sources, including embedded timecode and four audio tracks. Save racks and racks of space and resources that are typically allocated to capture
and post-production workflows

Custom Configuration

Customize every program using real-time cloth dynamics with warped video, overlays and sound in and out; plus, the ability to build warping transitions with NewTek’s revolutionary TransWarp video effects on every source, including overlays

Extended file format support

Eliminate the need to convert exported files for Mac or PC-based editing, while speeding up post-production workflows, and enabling wider integration

Remote audio mixing

Delegate audio mixing to a separate iPad® control app or Avid Artist series control surface to provide greater flexibility in program audio

Note:  Pictures and documentation courtesy of Newtek.

SVB Events returns to SantaVision.TV 2012

SVB Events returns for a second year as SantaVision.TV’s Event Manager.

“ Excited and very pleased to be working with Shaulyn Van Baaren as she was instrumental in the success of the 2011 edition of SantaVision.TV” , says Vicki Dupuis, Co-founder of ColossoVision.

SVB Events is an Event Management company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is owned and operated by Shaulyn van Baaren, who has over ten years experience in both the private and non-profit sectors. This includes seven years experience organizing amateur and Olympic discipline competitions.

For further information or inquires, please contact

SVB Events
Shaulyn Van Baaren
Email: shaulyn at svbevents.com


SantaVision.TV  (TM) is owned and produced by ColossoVision


ColossoVision announces ColossoCasting is no longer a service offered on the web or elsewhere.   The partners in ColossoCasting,  Chad Hason and ColossoVision ,  are no longer active in the company.   Due to time availability to nurture and keep the site current, and the fact ColossoVision already provides some of the services of ColossoCasting,  we sadly closed the final chapter to ColossoCasting in June of 2012.    The decision was mutual, amicable, and we wish nothing but the best for Chad in his new career path.

ColossoVision will continue to own the domain name, but will not actively offer services through Colossocasting as most of the products available at ColossoCasting are already, and have been, offered at ColossoVision since 2006.   Duplication of services makes no sense.

ColossoCasting was established as a resource based website for event planners in 2011.  ColossoVision thanks the thousands who had registered and believed in the concept.

” We had a great time in developing this website and concept ” , says Andy Soltesz, ColossoVisions Co-Founder.    Andy says , ” ColossoVision and Chad are both busy in their respective businesses leaving very little time to deliver new content on a regular basis “.    Something which regular subscribers deserve to have available to them.

The ColossoCasting registrant database has been destroyed to protect the identities of those who registered with the service.   ColossoVision does not have, and has not merged the ColossoCasting database.

If you have any questions,  please call Andy Soltesz at 403-869-5332.

Thank you !

Race the Base 2012 is a success!

Race the Base Cold Lake Alberta 2012 - 87_wm_colossovision

In Military time it’s 1600 hrs and our trucks are lined up in a convoy in preparation for entry onto the airfield for the 2nd installment of Race the Base in Cold lake Alberta. Two escort vehicles’ arrive and accompany our eight trucks, one by one, onto the airfield. For the technicians who didn’t have the opportunity to see the airfield during July’s’ site survey, they were amazed at the sheer size of the venue. I could tell by the looks on their faces, but they were excited and looking forward to the challenge.

Race the Base is labeled at the Ultimate performance showdown. Ultimate performance was very important for ColossoVision when it came to video and audio support. Truckloads of high performance  video production, Modular LED screens, Mobile LED Screens, and Audio resources were to be deployed for the second edition of Race the Base. ColossoVision made sure everyone attending the race would have good sight-lines to the screens and have the ability to hear and understand the audio.

Round two was bigger, better and included new thrilling elements such as the “Wet Drift Challenge” and the “Freestyle Donut Contest”. These additions meant two new zones were added to this year’s event that required more video and sound support.

Screens and Sound were provided for the following areas (approximate size of areas included).

  • VIP                                                                                        80,000 sq ft of area
  • Main Spectator along the taxiway                                360,000 sq ft of area
  • Spectator zone for two new events for 2012               120,000 sq ft of area

Video Production included the following:

  • Coverage of races on the 12,000ft runway
  • Informational packages
  • Commercials / advertising
  • Rider information
  • MC’s

Time available for setup: 18 hrs. – non stop continuous .

I remember the first time I approached our management team and told them about the time allocated for the install. They all went silent.   From a technology perspective, the installation of the equipment wasn’t the concern. The time available was! With nearly 500,000 sq ft of venue to work with , not including the 12,000ft runway, we had some concerns at first. But working as a team we developed a logistics workflow and felt we could very well accomplish the deadlines the military presented us.

Although Race the base is a public event, 4 Wing is an operational airforce base, and its main function could not be forgotten or altered as national security is a reality. The limitations that were imposed on ColossoVision and PK Sound while setting up were understandable. A challenge both companies looked at as small bumps in the road. We were determined to meet the deadline of a  noon opening the next day for “Race the Base”.

Race the Base Cold Lake Alberta 2012 - 43_wm_colossovisionJoining ColossoVision and PK Sound were 12 military volunteers, several drivers, all of whom were incredible, positive, and excited about helping from the moment equipment was unloaded till the completion of the install.

As all installs go, there’s always the potential of a small glitch that adds another minor bump in the process. The glitch in this case was bad weather moving in north of Cold Lake. While installing the screens and sound, we watched the light show off in the distance generated by nature. The entire crew hoping the impending storm would pass, but it wasn’t to be. Lightning, heavy winds, and monsoon like rain forced the installation to stop and resume the next morning. Postponing the installation was a smart move for safety reasons. None the less we were concerned about meeting our deadlines.  The storm and rains were not going to let up for the night. We were about to loose six hours from our time table for the install. Management met to discuss the deadlines and remaining work that was to still to be completed.

It’s 0630 Friday and the trucks are once again lined up outside the airfield awaiting escort for entry. ColossoVision, PK Sound and the Military volunteers knew the mountain we had to climb, and that we all did. Sound, Video Production, and Screens were all ready for the first race and we were on schedule!

This was not a traditional installation. Then again, non-traditional installations are something ColossoVision and PK Sound have experience with. Accomplishing this near impossible task was all possible with the help and support of an incredible team of volunteers from the base. Regardless of how wet, cold, or inclement the conditions were, every one of the Volunteers had a smile on their face, and were always ready to lend a hand. Thank you!

In the end, there were some important winners in Cold Lake.   The ” goal of this event is to support the 4 Wing Morale and Welfare Fund and to raise funds for select charities including the Canadian Forces’ Soldier On Program, the Cold Lake Food Bank and Hearts for Healthcare Cold Lake”.

Photos on Flickr

Calgary’s Stephen Avenue Celebration site – London 2012 Olympics

Stephen Avenue Celebration Site

It all started with the opening ceremonies at the London 2012 Olympics on July 27th. Visitors to Stephen Avenue Mall were treated to two weeks of exciting CTV and TSN  Olympic coverage, on ColossoVision’s Mobile Screen. Spectators taking a break from work, shopping, and other activities, truly enjoyed having our screen there to cheer on Team Canada.

ColossoVision would like to thank the Downtown Calgary Association for the opportunity to provide our services for this very special event. Our Barco B10 LED mobile screen proved to be the right technology for this application. For the first week of the games our screen was located adjacent to Bankers Hall. The screen now engages audiences on the 100 block between 1st Street SE and Center Street for the final week. Moving the screen was simple and completed within a very short time.

ColossoVision provided the following for
the Celebration Zone.

  • Barco B10
  • Satellite system for programming
  • Media sever
  • 1000 watt P.A. system

ColossoVision returns to TP Creek Stampede 2013

ColossoVision would like to thank the TP Creek Stampede Association for the invitation to return in 2013 for their 97th Annual Stampede.

Our entire production team enjoyed everything about the TP Creek Stampede. We were totally immersed in the excitement, thrills, spills, and so much more! Even the weather tipped its western hat with sunshine and beautiful weather.

TP Creek may be a small town, but there is nothing small about this event! Thousands of spectators from all over the region who took in “ 4 Days in the Wild” left with the same wonderful memories as we did.

The letter below goes out to our entire production team and the two awesome TP Creek Stampede volunteer Camera operators who drove all the way from Cold Lake to help with the production.

Rock the Peach Penticton BC

July 27th – 29th ,  Put these dates in your calendar as Penticton BC is about to become the hottest city in Canada for the weekend.  Rock the Peach Music Fest, in it’s debut year, is about to crank up the heat with an incredible lineup of bands.  “Besides the quality of the performances, iRock Entertainment Inc. has put together an all Canadian production team which is second to none.”   ColossoVision is proud to be a part of this team with our mobile and modular LED Screens !   In addition to screens, ColossoVision will provide live Video Production and IMAG for the audience.   Please consider your support for the 1st Annual – “Rock the Peach Music Fest” on July 27-29,2012. Become a part of this exciting event!


Race the Base the ultimate Speed Weekend 2012

It’s Back! Round Two. The ultimate Speed Weekend

Ferari Enzo vs CF18 Hornet….. Who will win this decisive drag race?  The only place in North America, Cold Lake Alberta, this race will take place.    “ This is going to be nuts” !

Race the Base is the Ultimate Top Speed Challenge & Extreme Motorsports Event. If you want to see wild & modified: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar, McLaren, Aston Martin, ZR1, Viper and custom Tuner Cars pushed to their limits, then you will not want to miss this Mind-Blowing event.

This year you will witness the World’s Fastest ZR Auto  FXX Enzo, 1500 HP Lamborghinis and an MC12 Corsa vie for the title of Top Speed King. You will see more tire smoke and action than you ever thought possible. Where else can you witness CF-18 Fighter Jets racing exotic cars – all for charity. Do not miss the Best Top Speed Event in the World: Race the Base 2012 held at CFB Cold Lake, Alberta – Aug 24-25, 2012.

New for Race the Base 2012 is an incredibly expanded spectator experience. With a total of 5 unique events spread around the Air Base Tarmac, Spectators will enjoy unprecedented access to competitors and their unique high performance vehicles.

High performance cars and jets won’t be the only technologies you’ll experience at Race the Base. The spectator experience will be enhanced with the visual support of four large Modular LED & Barco Mobile LED screens and live video production provided by ColossoVision, a leader in LED screen technologies. Joining ColossoVision will be another high performance award winning company, PK Sound ,with their state of the art sound system.

ColossoVision is pleased to provide these technology resources to this charity based event as sponsor and supplier.




Spectator Information



Canadian Track and Field – London 2012 Olympic Qualifiers

For the second consecutive year , ColossoVision provided screens and video production support for the Canadian National Track and Field competitions.  Spectators by the thousands filled Calgary’s Foothills Stadium to support their Canadian  athletes, and to see who would qualify for the London Olympics.   ColossoVision extends our best wishes to all of the athletes who will represent Canada at the games.

ColossoVision provided the following technology support for this event

  • Six camera coverage of events – concurrent at times
  • Microwave video feeds for an additional two mobile cameras
  • Large VisuaLED ST18 11ft high x 21 ft wide video screen
  • Mobile Barco B10  9ft high x 12 ft wide video screen
  • Replays
  • Real time scoring results via Results TV
  • Reciprocal Integration of ColossoVisions and CBCs production on the final day

When the Olympics begin in London, ColossoVision will have screens at celebration zones  throughout Canada.  It’s not too late to book a screen !  For more information call us at 855-869-5331

How Sweet it Was! Calgary 2012 Sweet City Celebrations.

It was an eclectic night of performances displaying the vast diversity of culture that has earned Calgary the “ Cultural Capital of the World “ . Calgary 2012’s Sweet City Celebrations held at the BMO Center at Stampede Park was the site for this incredible event. Three stages were busy with Circus Artists, Living Statues, Bollywood Dancers, Luchadors, DJ’s , Roughneck Dancers, and well over a 150 performers. The highlight of the evening was the performance by the Stampeders.   Hats off to a wonderful job by the Calgary 2012 committee.

ColossoVision provided Three video Walls for this event.

  • Main back line screen – ST18 VisuaLED
  • Creative circular suspended screen – ST18 VisuaLED
  • Front of House fill – Barco Dlite
  • Tricaster HD850

ColossoVision provided the screens, but PK Sounds Paul Magnuson created the eye candy / VJ visuals which were stunning!

One final comment! I would like to thank the committee for locating the food truck next to our video world! This made the dash to dine a very nice experience.


Pictures of the event can be found at

Media Assets Part I – No Excuse

media assets colossovision

Media assets are probably the most overlooked and undervalued items when it comes to planning and delivering content at shows and events.

Let me put that another way. Event organizers spend a huge chunk of their event budget on things like big-screens and cameras to capture the action, multi-media and production equipment, staff and resources…yet for some reason, they treat the content that needs to be shown on the screens as an afterthought.

Imagine a team competing in Nascar that spends millions on the car and treats the driver as an afterthought. It sounds ridiculous, yet that is the approach unprepared event organizers take when they wait until the absolute last-minute to submit content. Imagine the Nascar team grabs some dude that can’t drive stick, or that isn’t used to driving on the left, or has no hands…   Ridiculous? Well I can tell you first-hand how often materials that production crews don’t see until the last minute have unusable content, corrupted files, out of sequence files, improper video format… even blank or unreadable disks and USB’s!

When digital assets are created with the intent on being used on someone else’s equipment, which is the case in almost every event, they must be checked for operational integrity. If the file is corrupted, won’t play on the suppliers media server, DVD player or computer, you need to know about it long before the morning of the event. Time must be put aside for testing all assets and for any adjustments or corrections that must be made.

At a recent show in February the production crew was downloading files from advertisers, sponsors and the marketing companies two hours before the screens went live!  All of it done using a USB connection on-site.  The excuse given was that the material was “hot off the press” and that the team had worked late into the night to ensure the materials even made it at all.

The real reason was simple.  Fortunately for her, it wasn’t her  first rodeo.

Over the years not much has changed. Back in the 80’s it was a guy running into the production trailer with a binder full of slides demanding that they all get loaded into the carrousel 30 minutes before the show…and you better pray to God you got them in the right order and right-side-up.  The worst part is that the production crew is where the blame lands regardless of the fact that it is rarely their fault.

As event managers it is important to ensure that you do not put unnecessary strain or stress on your crew. Your memorandum should include mutually agreed upon submission deadlines well before the event that everyone can adhere to.

I like to make two deadlines, the real one and the fake.  With the earlier deadline, I tell everybody because I know damn well that everybody’s favorite thing to do is procrastinate.

You also need to ensure you send anyone contributing assets a set of format instructions that have been given to you by the provider of the production equipment to ensure you are getting the best possible combination of hardware and content.

I mean, in today’s digital age there really is no excuse. Most assets can now be sent via FTP, Yousendit, Dropbox, and other data transfer methods.

I am not saying last-minute edits and additions won’t happen…but I am saying that it’s in everybody’s best interest to avoid them.

LED Screen Safety – Part II

I would like to preface this article by stressing that I have great respect for the qualified professional LED providers in our industry across Canada and the United States. Their products and professionalism within this industry are, for the most part, exceptional. Unfortunately there are some glaring exceptions.

This post serves as a means of educating those within our industry, both providers and consumers, of the responsibility we all have to ensure budget alone does not influence proper safety considerations.

ColossoVision understands budgets will often dictate which providers a client can work with. However, at some point the risk versus reward aspect needs to be addressed. Don’t assume that the price you are quoted comes with the due diligence to ensure every necessary safety precaution has been considered and included; it is up to the client to understand what they are and more importantly what they are not getting for that price.

I recently visited a  venue that was using one of our competitor’s screen and I will share with you what I found was passing for a proper screen installation.

If you click on the picture for reference, I will address the issues I have, in my opinion, with this provider’s total lack of compliance to our industry’s safety and installation standards.

questionable screen installationThis installation took place at a high-profile public venue in Canada. On the left-hand side of this picture there were both participants and spectators; I can assure you that this picture represents the final product from this screen provider.

The trailer is parked on snow and the weather conditions are fluctuating from cold to quite warm. This means drainage, ice and soft ground will all become factors at this installation. Yet the trailer is parked behind the screen with no apparent chalks between the tires to prevent it from moving.

The structure has what appears to be a 2000lb rated strap attached from the steel at the top corner to the top edge of the wheel / hub on the aforementioned trailer. This rig’s intent is to use the trailer as a counterweight, but trailers were designed to haul equipment and are not the constant or sustained load bearing devices required to properly counterweight a structure; especially on slippery ground with no chalks.

There is only one rig point holding the screen up; a single link chain. As a rule, ColossoVision and other safety-conscious companies will always use at least two rig points, with safeties added to each. The reason for this is not a tough one to understand. No safety steel means no backup in the event the primary chain snaps. In fact the entire screen is reliant, is literally hanging on one unsupported chain. I can think of so many things that could test or break the integrity of this chain, but I can’t see one thing this provider plans to do about it.

safetyThe wires that appear to be holding the screen structure from tilting back or forth are slack, which makes one wonder what purpose they serve. The ground pegs in the second picture are not even anchored into something solid, they were just loosely planted in the snow. I know because I walked out there with the venue manager to warn them. For the record, snow does not have the ability to hold down a structure that weighs several thousand pounds.

Sadly, we come across some organizers and suppliers that abide by the ‘nothing has ever happened before so why change bad habits now’ approach to safety. As someone that has played witness to what can go wrong at an event, this type of strategy makes me cringe.  I would like to state the venue manager wasn’t even aware the screen was installed in this way.  The booking was made  by the event that rented the facility, directly with the supplier .

As a side note to event organizers , in talking with Occupational Health and Safety in Alberta (OHSA), it was confirmed that had they sent someone out to check this installation, the potential existed to shut down the installation of the screen and even the event if they deemed that the nature of the safety concerns put the public in any danger whatsoever.

Fortunately for ColossoVision clients, the risks have already been identified and accounted for in our quote. We are always happy to explain in detail what could go wrong and what we have done to ensure it doesn’t happen.

I have made some strong accusations here in an attempt to wake up some people who in my industry that have been operating on the edge in my opinion. I encourage any provider that takes a different approach  in this industry to show me the error in my convictions. I will even post your email or correspondence.

As I did at the beginning of this article, I want to again commend my good friends at other companies who provide LED screens for their commitment to excellence. This is certainly not a commentary on the industry majority, as the majority of us adhere to above-acceptable standards when installing equipment.
It is my hope that this post will bring the education level of the clients and uneducated newcomers to the industry to a level where they can select and appreciate their service providers based on an understanding of the big picture.

Back in August of 2011 I posted an article that outlines proper safety guidelines for screen installations, it is still available should anyone be unclear of what I am referring to:

I hope this article sparks some discussion within our LED community; it is up to all of us to provide a service worthy of the self-praise we promote on our advertisements.

Sincerely, your friends at ColossoVision Canada.

Burton Canadian Open – Winsport and Uptown 17 in Calgary

The 2012 Burton Canadian Open was a success!

Spring like weather, excellent snow conditions, and world class snowboarders brought huge crowds to Canada Olympic Park for the 2012 Burton Canadian Open. Spectators at COP weren’t the only ones watching this year! In 2012 ColossoVision was presented with a challenge of expanding the event from WinSport to Uptown 17th which is located in downtown Calgary. We accepted the challenge and we delivered.

Burton Canadian Open 2012
Picture courtesy of Burton

Over the course of the two day event, those who live and work in this lovely cosmopolitan community came down to Tomkins park where we installed one of our Barco modular LED screens.  During the races, spectators gathered and took in the event while having lunch, shopping, or just enjoying the warm weather. In between races we provided other entertainment which included snow boarding videos supplied by Burton. Other items on the screen included advertising and promotions for the Uptown 17 BRZ members and the sponsors of the Burton Canadian Open.

ColossoVision is proud to be a part of Burtons annual Canadian Open for the last four years as a sponsor and supplier of LED screens and content delivery.

Winsport Screens

  • 20ft wide x 11ft high modular VisuaLED screen at “ lone pine “
  • 9ft wide x 6ft high modular Barco LED screen at “ legacy lift “
  • Tricaster HD 850 for wireless streaming to Uptown 17th.
  • Tricaster HD 850 also used as media sever for delivering media assets to spectators

Uptown 17

  • 6ft high x 9ft wide Barco Dlite LED screen
  • Tricaster HD 850 used as media sever for delivering media assets and switcher for sources
  • P.A. system
burton uptown 17
D-lite screen in Gazebo after installation – Uptown 17th Calgary Alberta

Snowblower packs in the crowds

15_snowblower_calgary_2012_In less than a week after the New Years Eve Celebrations, Calgary’s Olympic Plaza was transformed into a winter wonderland and party zone.  Fire performers, ice sculptures, a magical tree, and entertainers created a magical and electrifying event for families.  International electronic artists, Kid Koala, An-ten-nae,VibeSquaD,Adham Shaikh, Erica Dee, and CaryChang  thrilled over 10,000 jumping and dancing spectators during their performances.  The plaza was alive!

ColossoVision is proud to be a sponsor for Calgary’s annual Snowblower spectacle.  We would like to thank Hi Performance Rodeo and PK Sound for the invitation each year where we provide our screens and video resources for this event.

At this time , All of us at ColossoVision would like to wish Arlen Cormack, his family, and PK Sound all the best and many successes  in their expansion into the U.S.     I understand Arlen is busy packing in preparation of their move to California.   He’ll definitely miss our warm Canadian winters!


  • 2 Barco B10 Mobile Screens
  • 1 Creative wall using Visualed ST18 tiles
  • 1 Media Server
  • 1 Tricaster HD850

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SantaVision.TV winds up 2011 Season

The last 28 days have been a wonderful experience at this years SantaVision.TV. Vicki and I find it hard to believe yet another season comes to a close tonight. We’ve seen and heard proposals, greetings, songs, and so much more from visitors near and a far.

Our family would like to thank all of the visitors at our set for spending some time with us and sharing stories.

We would both like to thank the following people who have made this years event such a success.

Dave Nicholson
Jason Streich
Roz Freeman
Josh W.
All of the Zoo Volunteers !
Sandy Owen
Shauly Van Baaren
Andre Van Baaren
Chris Soltesz
Brent Wanstall
Aly Gustafson
Vicki Dupuis
Andy Soltesz

Success to us is hearing back from the  visitors who in some way we have touched their lives. Now we turn our attention to Christmas with our families. A quote which I’d like to share with you comes from Burton Hills.

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree, the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.”

At this time of year there are many families that are separated for one reason or another. Military families with loved ones serving over in other countries, a member of a family who cannot make it home, Seniors who are by themselves, and many more similar situations. If you know of someone who may spend this Christmas alone, please try to find a way to make their Christmas special. A simple call, email,  or maybe a visit.

Another  Thank you goes to my wonderful partner in life, Vicki Dupuis.  She has been with me from the first visit 5 years ago to the last one tonight.  I couldn’t have done this without her.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and hope the spirit of the season carries on throughout 2012.

Merry Christmas

Andy Soltesz & Vicki Dupuis

ColossoVision participates in a “Canadian First”!

ColossoVision is proud to be a part of a very unique and special “Canadian First ” event.  Partnering with Buy Canadian First,  which promotes ” all things Canadian”,  ColossoVisions Barco Mobile screen is delivering informational content on Canadian made products, services and talent.

Led Screen Buy Canadian First

Photo Courtesy of Buy Canadian First











For more information please visit Buy Canadian Firsts Blog

ColossoVisions Creative LED Screens at Bassnectars Vancouver and Calgary Shows

Working with Live Nation in Vancouver and PK Sound in Calgary , ColossoVision was invited to provide creative LED screens for Bassnectars two shows in Western Canada.

The creative LED requirement included

  • 1 –  8ft high x 16ft wide  main LED screen suspended from the upstage trusses
  • 1 – 8ft high x 4 ft wide Stage Left ground supported LED screen
  • 1 – 8ft high x 4 ft wide Stage right ground supported LED screen
  • 1 –  4ft high x 8ft wide DJ / performer LED Screen wall – ground supported LED screen

The size of the walls and displays worked very well for the venues and complimented and exceptional sound and visual performance by Bassnectar.

ColossoVision provides support for  more than single wall LED screen applications.   We provide creative solutions for many events where the visual impact and experience can make a show.    Be it LED screens with positive or negative curves, transparent or see through tiles, or themed sets, ColossoVision has the resources and expertise.

When your event requires LED Screens, Media Servers, and professional video production,  call ColossoVision at 1-888-869-5331 or email led@colossovision.ca .

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Santa and SantaVisionTV are Coming To Town, Again!

SantaVisionTV returns to Calgary Zoolights in 2011ColossoVision and ReMax are proud to announce that SantaVision, a free, interactive holiday experience allowing children of all ages to visit with Santa live via satellite, is coming back for its fifth year as part of the Calgary Zoo’s Zoolights from November 25th to December 23rd, 2010.

Participants of SantaVision have the chance to ask Santa questions and see both him and themselves on a larger than life, ColossoVision LED screen.  

All visits with Santa are recorded and uploaded to the SantaVision TV website.  From there, the fun can be shared with family and friends around the world!

With more than 120,000 in-person visits to the Zoo Lights site annually, more than 1.5 million visits to the website and a guest list that includes visitors from all over the world, SantaVision is a Christmas experience that you do not want to miss!

Located just over the bridge near the African Pavilion, SantaVision is easy to find; just look for the great big RE/MAX balloon next to the Jumbotron. 

ColossoVision is proud to be the producer and creative force behind SantaVision.  ColossoVision is a leading provider of giant mobile LED screens for private and public functions.

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Teepee Creek Stampede Goes with ColossoVision

teepee creek stampede 2012 colossovision

ColossoVision is pleased to announce the Teepee Creek Stampede has invited us as their LED screen and Video Production provider for 2012.   ” We’re excited and thrilled to be a part of the Teepee Creek Stampede ” , says Vicki Dupuis, Co-founder of ColossoVision.

The Teepee Creek Stampede takes place July 13 – July 15.    This four day western celebration includes a CPRA Pro Rodeo and features races from the Western Chuckwagon Association.   Cameras , screens, and wireless video will be used to engage spectators to the thrills  and excitement on the track and infield.

For more information on the Teepee Creek Stampede we invite our clients and readers to visit www.tpstampede.ca

From all of us at ColossoVision, we appreciate the opportunity and look forwarding to making some new friends at this event!



ColossoVision Canada providing LED screens to ” Buy Canadian First “

Buy Canadian First Logo

Buy Canadian First’s newly launched LED Media Division answers their clients’ needs to promote Canadian products and services beyond the web.

ColossoVision Canada would like to thank Buy Canadian First for the invitation to partner as their supplier in the newly created LED Media Division. Vicki Dupuis, President of ColossoVision Canada says “it is a privilege to partner with Buy Canadian First, and support their mandate to exclusively promote Canadian-made products and Canadian companies”.  Launched as a website in 2008 by company founder & Managing Director, Isabelle Remy, Buy Canadian First¹s mission is to promote Canadian companies, their services and the products they make right here at home. “Three years later, the company has evolved into a Marketing & Advertising agency specializing in Made in Canada“, says Isabelle.

“This new LED Media division is dedicated to promoting Canadian companies across the country through the use of giant LED screens strategically deployed in high-traffic locations during specific time periods”, says Mohsin Siddiqi , Director of Operations and Sales for the division at Buy Canadian First. He also says Buy Canadian First’s “experienced team is dedicated to developing successful marketing solutions through highly-specialized and cost-effective concepts.”

The future is bright, and opportunities endless, for Canadian Companies to promote their products. ColossoVision will be working with Buy Canadian First to offer branding and advertising opportunities beyond the street. “There are more opportunities outside of mainstream media to create awareness. At this time we are already in negotiations with nearly a dozen events across Canada who are interested in engaging the services of this new LED media division”, says Andy Soltesz co-founder of ColossoVision.

By partnering with Buy Canadian First, ColossoVision can offer events with limited budgets the opportunity of using screens for their shows. In turn, Canadian companies have the opportunity to create awareness of their brands at events all over the country.

To be clear, “buying Canadian first does not mean buying Canadian only”, says Vicki. “ColossoVision understands that Canadian companies must remain competitive to keep your business. The supplier you seek can’t just rely on your soft heart and patriotism. They must also have the resources to meet your
demands. Thankfully, the talent pool and resources in Canada are incredibly rich and dynamic.”

ColossoVision is a proud Canadian supplier of high quality  mobile , modular, and creative LED video screens to events in North America.  Over the years, the ColossoVision brand has become a recognized trademark that provides our clients with the guarantee they are teaming up with a trustworthy and experienced supplier.

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