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Indoor / Outdoor  High Resolution Screens For Anytime Of The Day!

ColossoVision is proud to be a part of many Canadian events providing LED screens and video solutions for  sports, concerts, festivals , advertising and corporate.  From trailer mounted mobile video screens to specialty and creative LED video walls, ColossoVision offers presentation solutions  tailored to meet your budget while maintaining quality and integrity.

At  ColossoVision we offer a wide range of LED tile rentals for your event.  All of our LED tiles will  meet your  most demanding specifications and requirements.  This includes ;

  • LED screens that are bright under harsh lighting conditions which includes direct sunlight.  

  • High resolution indoor and outdoor LED screens.  

  • Indoor tile resolutions beginning at 1.9 mm

  • Outdoor tile resolutions beginning at 3.9 mm 

  • "Park and Play " mobile trailer mounted LED screens with on board generators

Only the best in LED technology solutions are offered which include products from " Yes Tech " and " Theatrixx" .  Manufacturers who are recognized world wide for their quality and support.  

LED Mobile & Modular Video Screens

Drive-In format!      Safe Distancing Practiced

  • All Health Guidelines are followed

  • Mobile and Modular LED Video Screens

  • Accommodate venues small or large

  • LED screens at NHL playoffs for over a decade.

  • Packages which include FM Audio 

  • P.A Systems if permitted

  • Wireless Video / Microwave available!

"YES"   A Smart Conference System solution for your presentations. ColossoVision is pleased to announce we will be renting and selling this product soon! This interactive conference system uses very high resolution LED tiles. A bright, vivid,  and high resolution display offering a multitude of uses.

Multiple uses include

  • Interactive electronic whiteboard presentations 

  • Write and erase freely with your hand or a touch pen. Choose different colors , or tip size for the pen.

  • Enable attendees to write their ideas on the same page no matter where they are 

  • Video conference

  • Computer presentations

  • HD video presentations

  • Integrate your smart phone

  • Record and share your presentations 

  • Internet capability

  • Built in sound system

MG7S P3.9 Pro LED tiles are the best outdoor and indoor screen solutions in the industry! 

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