xVision 10mm DIP LED Tiles

Please note that sale of the equipment does not reflect, or have anything to do with COVID-19. ColossoVision rotates it's inventory often to provide the best possible technologies and solutions for previously used equipment to clients that are searching for quality  deals. Reasonable offers will be considered.

The xVision Touring LED tile is a rock solid product developed of many years of experience with LED display products. These tiles were designed based on industry experience, like fast and safe rigging, interchangeability between modules regardless of pixel pitch, Color consistency and accuracy, high brightness, easy maintenance access, IP65 rating all-around, smart power and data connections, silent yet powerful 

All prices below are in Canadian dollars

PACKAGE AVAILABLE AFTER NOVEMBER 8. 2020.    All Prices in Canadian funds

198     xVision LED 10mm DIP indoor/outdoor   $525 each
2        xVision Processor XVC-D12H    $1176 each
190     xVision Data 6" - XVT9-16CM

190     xVision Power 6" -XVT3-90CM
3          PowerCON 2'
2          xVision Data 8'
2          xVision Power 8'
2          xVision Data 100' - XVT9-100
10       xVision Data 2' - XVT9-65CM
2         xVision Data 50' - XVT9-50



xVision 1616 2048S Channel Truss 4 Point
xVision Bumper Bar Double
xVision Bumper Bar Single

xVision LED 10mm DIP indoor/outdoor B1 400 HZ

xVision LED 10mm DIP indoor/outdoor B3 2000 HZ
xVision LED 10mm DIP indoor/outdoor B4 800 HZ
xVision LED 10mm DIP indoor/outdoor B5 2000 HZ


xVision Processor SP-XV Tour
xVision Processor XVC-D12H

xVision Tile 10-Pack Case
  Sold with 10 minimum LED Tiles Only  

xVision Tile 8-Pack Case
  Sold with 8 minimum LED Tiles Only  

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Available Nov 8, 2020




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