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His Holiness Pope Francis

This blog isn't about the politics of the popes visit. However, myself as a Catholic, I'm very disappointed he did not address the indigenous voices who wanted a clear recognition of the problems regarding assimilation. What was done to the indigenous is totally wrong and is a black mark in Canadas history. My opinion, the first step is the Catholic Church must rescind the doctrine of discovery in moving forward . The Federal Government of Canada also needs to take responsibility for what happened to the indigenous peoples and make good on promises.

Colossovision is very proud and privileged to have been selected as one of the suppliers for the popes visit at Maskwacis and Lac Ste. Anne. Working with Encore Global, Colossovision provided up to 10 video screens in Maskwacis which also included four mobile video screens in Lac Ste. Anne. At the Commonweath Stadium in Edmonton, Colossovision also provided an SL260 stage.

The assignment, provide four 20 foot video screens for the main audience, two Arbour screens, and four mobile screens for overflow at Maskwacis . When the event was completed at Maskwacis, the four Mobile screens immediately left for Lac St Anne, 200Km away, were they were available for use within four hours.

"Just an amazing job, and I'm proud of our team, and what they accomplished. I knew they could do this, as this is what they do on a regular basis." says Colossovision's CEO, Vicki Pierce . ColossoVision's team always delivers everything on time and to specifications. This includes our stage technician, who did a great job in Edmonton .

This all began two months ago when we were approached by Encore Global to provide budgets for screens and video solutions. Working with Encore closely , we discussed and worked on technical solutions which when executed ultimately delivered exceptional results. Encore was amazing to work with as they managed this event incredibly well.

One concern we had was the large area, 141,000 square feet of space, where the screens were installed. So, Instead of using traditional fibre cables, we decided to use wireless video technology. Using the Ghost-Eye 800M we were able to send a 100% sustained video signal to all of the screens.

These broadcast transmitters and receivers work up to 800 meters / 2624 feet (line of sight) over 5GHz frequencies. This solved the problem of running cables long distances. Another factor was keeping the site safe for pedestrians or attendees without cables laying on the ground.

Our YES 3.9mm LED video screens looked amazing on site. They were bright, delivered a high resolution product, and uniform in colour and presentation.

Colossovision definitely made the right decision to move from xVision, a Theatrix product, over to YES. YES has an amazing support system in place for their clients and that means a lot to us. Clients deserve to know they have the backup and support of the manufacturer as well as the vendor.

My gratitude goes to everyone at Encore Global


Sean Spicer Video Project Lead

Matt Spencer Technical

Ryan Viszlai Assistant Lead

William Dos Reis Assistant Lead

Kurtis Kesler SL260 stage technician.

Balance of the technical crew were supplied by Encore Global.



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