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Jackey Gibney 2020 Provincial Winner!

Alberta's best karaoke singer, Jackey Gibney , was crowned over the weekend at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino Calgary. Saturday was the first time since March where Gibney, along with other karaoke entertainers, took to stage. Qualifiers from the provincial competitions in Alberta will move on to compete at the National Karaoke Championships Oct. 17 and 18 in Ontario.

ColossoVision was thrilled to be involved with the provincial karaoke competitions. At a time when karaoke events have been disallowed in the majority of the provinces, the team assembled by KISS Productions proved collaboration and cooperation with provincial health services can result in a safe distance solution.

This event was a hybrid of live on site entertainment and video submissions. All of the "live" on site safety requirements were taken care of by KISS Productions and their incredible team. Procedures were precision executed and followed. It was clear KISS spent many hours collaborating with the venue and AHS to develop the procedures. This included the ingress and egress procedures for entertainers, sterilization of equipment, and other safety protocols.

The provincial competition was webcast to viewers who couldn't participate in person. Using Zoom to distribute the webcast was simple and very easy. We could have used Facebook or YouTube, however recent issues with these two platforms killing the feed due to copyright issues surrounding music was a concern for us. ColossoVision makes sure licensing is obtained for approval to keep within copyright rules and regulations. However, killing the audio on the feed even happens when Socan fees are paid. This is not a Socan Issue but a platform challenge. Zoom has made many positive changes and we are very happy with this platform. Especially zoom webinar. We will continue to recommend the platform to our clients for certain webcasts. With the above said, ColossoVision will always webcast a program based on the preference of our clients as we have experience with all platforms.

Plexiglass separating the performers on stage from the audience.
Plexiglass separating the performers on stage from the audience.

Aa seen in the picture above, the live event incorporated a large plexiglass wall on stage where the entertainers performed. The plexiglass wall created a challenge with the reflections from lights showing up in our cameras but we solved the problem! Overall the webcast from the venue was well received by everyone.


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