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Spruce Meadows Masters 2022

Back in 1980 when Andy Soltesz, President of Colossovision, arrived in Calgary, he could hardly wait to attend his first Spruce Meadows Masters in September of that year. Since then he has been following equestrian show jumping yearly.

In 2022, ColossoVision was invited to be a supplier for the Masters. This was the year Andy realized his dreams of working with Spruce Meadows was about to become reality. This is an amazing equestrian sporting event which attracts professional athletes and horses from all over the world. Not to mention the thousands who attend on site and then many more who watch this on TV globally.

Colossovision provided two 14ft wide 3.9mm video screens , stage, and Sound in the Equiplex. At the Founders Plaza and International Ring we installed 25 foot wide , 3.9mm , video screens for the audience and spectators.

At the outdoor locations ColossoVision definitely needed solutions for connectivity. We had an option of running many hundreds of feet of fibre or engaging our Ghost Eye wireless video system. Running hardwired fibre was not a total solution in that people would walk over these cables and we would need lots of cable matts for safety. The best solution and ultimately the cheapest, was using our wireless products, as they were solid and provided exactly what the client needed which was an uninterrupted and solid signal. ColossoVision is very happy with the Ghost Eye products.

All of the video screens on site provided the following;

  • Scoring and results

  • Advertising

  • Corporate logo presentations

  • Live production coverage

It was definitely a pleasure working with the entire team at Spruce Meadows. Very organized, knew what they wanted, and we knew this was not their first rodeo. Always very nice to work with an experienced and accomplished team. In doing this project we also had the pleasure of working with our Broadcast colleagues which we have known for decades. Thank you to everyone for making this a wonderful event and something we will remember.


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