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Essentially webcasting is broadcasting over the Internet.  As with broadcasts, webcasts are delivered to your target audience or market live but can also be played back "on demand" for future viewing.  ColossoVisions experienced team welcomes an opportunity to work with you in developing a webcast treatment which delivers the product and message you wish your audience to watch or participate in.

Webcast your meetings, seminars, informational sessions, and other events online. Participants don't need to be on site! Instead they can engage Interactively in the comfort and potential safety of their office or home. Some in the media have called this live streaming concept a new normal. At ColossoVision we have been offering and providing webcast solutions to our clients since 2006. Our streaming service can be a contingency option or alternative while restrictions are imposed for the number of people attending events or travelling.

Since the risk associated with the coronavirus emerged, we have taken action consistent with guidance from Health Canada, as well as provincial and local authorities. All proper safety protocols will be practiced where we are on site providing the webcast..

Webcast Options

  • Permanent installation

  • Temporary installation

ColossoVision Will Co-ordinate

  • Securing dedicated Internet connections

  • Video production equipment

  • Manage delivery method - includes adaptive bitrate streaming

  • Facebook, Youtube, Livestream, or other platform Integration

  • Moderation if required

  • Embedding codes

  • Professional and experienced webcast team

  • Public or Private delivery

  • Monetized Delivery

  • Digitally record webcast in HD 1080P for video on demand

  • Lighting where needed

  • Scripting and show flow

  • Consultation on Media assets for the webcast

  • Cloud storage for all assets [ Videos , stills, graphics, power point ]

Please contact me at 855-869-5331 or


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