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During social distancing, ColossoVision offers creative alternatives to stay ahead of the distancing challenges created by Covid 19. To do this, ColossoVision has broadened its Mobile and Modular LED screen rentals to include digital LED Screen signage for emergencies, drive-in movies, and drive-in church celebrations.

ColossoVision provides two LED Screen options for drive-in movies. Mobile, and Modular systems which display a bright, high-resolution HD screening at any time during the day. What this means to you is having the opportunity to include a matinee for one audience and an evening presentation for another. No need to wait till the sun goes down!

Movie screen package #1

This screen package employs our mobile trailer-mounted LED displays. These video screens are very easy to set up and can be installed within one hour of parking the trailer. With a trim height of 9 feet from ground level to the bottom of the screen, this allows watching movies without being blocked by most cars in front of you.

C10 Mobile LED screen showing movies throughout the day
C10 Mobile LED screen showing movies throughout the day

Here are some quick facts about the screen.

- The display area is 9 feet high by 16 feet wide - The screen has the ability to rotate on a mast a full 360° - The mobile screen comes with an onboard generator - All equipment to playback movies on board. - Bright picture during the daytime - Will operate under all weather conditions. - Winds do not affect the screen's movement.

Movie screen package #2

This package involves the installation of a screen tailored to meet your specific size requirements. At ColossoVision we will construct any size video screen for your movies. Imagine a large 40 foot LED movie screen which can be seen during the day and at night!

Rope Square 2018. 22ft Video Screen used for movie night.


ColossoVision will provide an FM radio transmitter enabling visitors to listen to the movie on their FM radios.

A microphone will also be provided to the organizer for paging or emergencies. START TIMES: Since there is no need to wait for sunset you will have the use of the screen at any time.


The installation time for the screen will be determined based on the screen's first use or screening. This will also be determined by any integration required on-site with Video Production or other signal sources.


Trailer mounted mobile screens Can normally be installed within one hour after parking the units. If the installation needs integration or special requirements the process may take longer. Please consult with ColossoVision on this. Modular systems will require at least four hours minimum. The maximum time will be determined by the size of the screen , structures and counterweights needed for the display. With modular installations it is common to install everything the evening before. If you don't have access to the venue the night before please let us know. For modular screens we may request stagehands or volunteers from you for the installation and dismantle. As structures and generators are additional costs, the client is always welcome to provide these resources if they have the specified equipment available.


ColossoVision will need to know where the video screen is located. As an example grass, pavement, or concrete. We will also need to know if the location is flat or elevated.

HEADLIGHTS: Vehicle owners must know how to turn off their headlights when the car is running. DEAD BATTERIES ASSISTANCE: Although not required, ColossoVision recommends having someone available to help visitors with any dead batteries as a result of running radios for an extended period of time.


ColossoVision will not be liable for any parking plans or management . Please have volunteers or crew to guide visitors into the parking lot or location.


It will be the responsibility of the client to secure permits and approvals:

- Local government and Health Safety - Provincial Health Safety - Follow all Covid 19 safety guidelines and recommendations - ColossoVision recommends having RCMP, OPP, or local police present.


Content you can show on the screen includes,

- Informational - Movie times - Movies shown - COVID-19 instructional mandatory and safety content - Rules and regulations

- FM Radio Frequency - Advertising and sponsors. - Emergency or muster locations - Any other content you deem is important or required


- Instructions for leaving the venue - Sponsorship or advertising - Future dates and times for other movies MOVIES There are two major movie suppliers in Canada. They are Criterion and ACF. Each company has a movie inventory based on their agreements with their respective Studios. The client will be responsible to secure a one-time outdoor public performance license for each movie shown. ColossoVision will provide the necessary information for both companies to secure the movie's outdoor performance rights. Why do we ask you to go through these licensors? This is what they request. They have streamlined the process to avoid any confusion and legalities. This also guarantees you the best price for the license based on your actual needs. MOVIE FORMAT:

16:9 aspect ratio where possible


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